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Feedback from  Innovation Seminar III: Employer Engagement (SSBR0211) – 25 February 2011

Only thee participants submitted the online feedback form, though favourable comments at the end of the recorded Elluminate session indicate it was a successful and useful event.
Feedback from those who did submit included: ‘It was perfect, short and to the point’.
Event organisation was:

  • ‘excellent’,
  • ‘ well organised’,
  • ‘good with fluid login to the session’.

With respect to the Elluminate experience a participant, whose first experience this was of the application, wrote, ‘Webinar is a great way of meeting for a short discussion and sharing of information’.
Referred to as being of most value from the event was the content, the general discussion and, more specifically, ‘the analysis of how employers should be engaged and what is preventing them to do so’.
Suggestions made for future events:

  • Individual control over slides in order to review material as required
  • Yes/No limited responses  do not enable qualifying ‘but…’ option,  though the participant accepted that the text chat area enables qualification to be provided.

A question posed in the feedback about the topic was whether employers want ‘whole awards or bite-sized chunks’. The participant went on to suggest that in their experience they go for the latter which has implications for institutional student management and records systems.
Extra comment included thanks as well as a comment from a participant that while it was enjoyable they did not engage as much as they might have owing  to many people wandering into their office. Their decision  to print a ‘Do not disturb’ notice for use during future events echoes what the SSBR team have learnt from online events, i.e. that participants DO need to organise attendance as if they are not in their offices for the duration.

Compiled by: Patsy Clarke
28 February 2011